The Nigerian film industry as it is today, has come a long way and is recognized globally as a promising and dynamic industry. Despite daunting challenges, the industry has attained global recognition on the African continent and around the world. Today, Nollywood stands as a truly home grown film industry, a clear testimony to the ingenuity, resilience and enterprise of the Nigerian spirit. Nigerian films have become the most important conveyors of Nigerian rich cinematic and tourism potentials.

With an average production of about 1,200 films annually, the Nigerian film industry has been acknowledged as the second largest in the world in terms of quantity of films produced. The market for Nigerian films has grown beyond Africa to include the United Kingdom, the United States and the Caribbean. It is common knowledge that the demand for African film content has been on the increase over the past years. The African Magic channel on the DSTV bouquet is an attestation to Nigeria’s huge share of this growing market. Nollywood films account for about 90 percent of its movie content.


The production of films for domestic consumption and export

The Acquisition and Maintenance of facilities for film production

The maintenance of National Film and Video Sound Archive

Encouragement of the production of Nigerian films through financial and other forms of assistance

The encouragement of the development of cinematography theaters by Nigerians by way of financial assistance and other forms of assistance

The acquisition and
distribution of films